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Fixed smoke curtains made of material are used to separate smoke zones and confine the spreading smoke in large-area buildings.

They are made of:

aThe upper mounting brackets – fastened to any construction that the smoke curtain is supposed to be fixed to

In this system, there is no need to set up a subconstruction for the curtain.

aNon-combustible curtain material – made of fiberglass of any length and width. For large

surfaces, the curtain is made of sheets of material that overlap each other on a fold of

1000mm width in order to keep tightness compliable with PN-EN 12101-1.

aThe lower load brackets – two brackets twisted together that provide tension and aesthetic appearance of the whole curtain.

całej kurtyny.

A fixed smoke curtain made of material is certified and produced according to PN-EN 12101-1.

Benefits of making smoke curtains in this system include:

alower cost

aeasy and quick installation that provides unique lightness of the whole system, i.e. in comparison with the trapezoidal metal sheet

aa way to accurately seal installation passages that pass through the curtain

ainstallation on any construction, including the trapezoidal metal sheet

ainstallation on any construction, including the trapezoidal metal sheet

aa competitive price.


Smoke curtains ASF-120 are completely gravitational curtains of the “fail-safe” type. They are designed using the state-of-the-art technology.

24V motor pulls up the curtain until the lower bar is supported on the lower side of the chassis. The current absorbed by the motor increases, the motor’s control system detects it and gradually decreases the voltage until it is at a sustaining level of around 2 V.

In the case of fire, or setting the test key to “test” position, the voltage that sustains the motor declines and the curtain drops due to gravity to the level set in the design. The construction of this device ensures the controlled fall of the curtain even in the case of a complete power outage.

The “Panama” braid of the curtain’s fabric provides a smooth surface and greater endurance of the finished fabric. The tensile strength of the Panama braid fabric is 10 % higher than in the case of other fabrics due to the constant tension of the material. Additional endurance ensures that the curtain maintains its shape while it is wound onto a roll.

Smoke curtains can be installed on any edge of a building and can be adjusted to its shape, for instance to provide curvature around the roof opening.

The blade chassis made of galvanized steel sheet meets the requirements of the PN-EN 12101-1:2006 standard.

It is possible to create smoke tanks while using automatic curtains. Curtains are lowered to the previously set height, which is higher than the calculated height of the smoke layer created by the fire. The tank depth is determined based on how much smoke can be removed through ventilation or how long will the smoke layer be present. The height of the curtain’s fall does not impede the evacuation process from the area.

Smoke curtains are often used as directional curtains. Hot smoke will not be able to move crosswise around the atrium. Instead, movement of the smoke will be directed upwards toward the ceiling, where it can be safely dispersed through smoke extraction ducts or flap smoke vents.

Specifications of the curtain’s chassis:

Material: galvanized steel 1,0 mm

Finishing: An optional powder coating of any colour from the RAL colour palette

Access: Removable chassis

Dimensions: (curtain’s fall to 3 m)

aType 1 single roll: 150 mm x 150 mm

aType 2 double horizontal roll: 250 mm width x 150 mm height

aType 3 double vertical roll: 150 mm width x 250 mm height

Due to issues caused by cylinder engines with limit switches, our ASF-120 system uses automatic systems of reducing the current to specify the lower position of the curtain.

24V motor pulls up the curtain until the lower bar is pulled up to the desired height. The current absorbed by the motor increases, the motor’s control system detects it and gradually decreases the voltage while keeping the lower bar in the upper position.

The control system of the curtain is equipped with 12V rechargeable batteries that prevent the curtain from lowering in the case of the main power failure in the building

LThe lower bar of the curtain provides an aesthetic and discreet finish. It is a very important detail, for instance, in the case of its use in a Shopping Mall.

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