About the company

SMOKEFIGHTER  has made it its mission to deliver passive fire protection systems of the highest quality and provide services in terms of consulting, design and maintenance of building fire protection systems.

Professionalism at work, an individual approach to clients, and the excellent quality of the offered products – all of that makes us distinctive from the competition. Moreover, thanks to the optimization of the production process our competitive price distinguishes us.

Our offer include:

55fixed smoke curtains

55automatic smoke curtains

55automatic fire break curtains


Construction sites are our second home and we treat them this way. We are characterized by calmness and vast experience gained at construction sites in Poland and all over Europe. Thanks to knowledge, experience, clearly specified goals, sensitivity to other people, awareness of the high quality of products and services – we treat each project with proper respect and approach it professionally.

We invite you to contact us and cooperate with SMOKEFIGHTER.

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